To Our Global Community

Studio.eNoborus™ is a global art community driven by our sincere passion and total commitment “to build a world of dreams and imagination,” to inspire creativity and feed ongoing inspiration to our audience.

We partner with and bring in creative, freelance talents involved in a wide range of industries: from movie production and the fine arts, to animation and video games, to illustration and literary composition, coupled with comic book creation and graphic novels made for future cinema or television releases.

Our behind the scenes social mission enables us to both give back to our global community and address a pandemic concern many in our local communities are not fully aware of.

Our startup leads a team of creative professionals trained and experienced in intuitive and natural user interface technologies, with focus on organizational and technology leadership. Our commitment is a never ending process to improve value for our creative partners.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our world. Your undying support and understanding are essential to our success in a world filled with talent. Please join us in leaving a legacy for this era, one filled with imagination and originality.


Robh Zuniga ∴
President & EP