jenn zuniga


Jenn Zuniga is a special events coordinator and kindred companion. She is committed to celebrating real love stories across the globe, and caring for military couples on the home-front through landmark special events and companion resources.

A recent author, Jenn’s first release, The Dawn of Tomorrow: An Unforgettable Love Story of a Modern-day Military Couple, was a single companion book with Tate Publishing (2013-2017).

In community, Jenn is committed to serving war veterans and military couples on the home-front, with a specialized focus on Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF).

Outside of her for love community, Jenn enjoys making gifts, designing and providing a genuine relaxing experience of Hospitality.

Jenn is a graduate of the American College of Health Sciences.

Jenn Zuniga – Author
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