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Shell Vera is a mother, daughter, sister, and friend who is passionate and courageous at heart. She loves to help others use their gifts, to find ways where the illusion of dead-ends permeate vanquished minds, and conquer what has been told is impossible. Working behind-the-scenes, she is an intermediary who will step into the spotlight, with intervention, to help others succeed.

Shell is a writer consumed with the passion for humanity to look deeper within her realities, to become the best global citizens each can be for his or her home, and to leave a legacy of contribution to society. She is an artist who sees color where others see darkness.

Both a nature enthusiast and dreamer, she can sometimes be found lost in the woods, roaming a local state park, or sitting on a beach in the winter watching a beautiful sunset. She enjoys treating every day as if it were her last and values the precious time she has with family, friends, and everyday strangers. Her desire to learn about others, explore the world, and enjoy a life without boundaries and boxes, creates that motivation for her to use her gifts and talents in supporting others as they use theirs, which is why she does what she does each day.

As a professional writer, Shell helps other creative professionals connect with their audiences by sharing their stories and connecting them through blogs, books, and various business avenues. She provides coaching sessions and ghostwriting services for both current and new clients.

Shell holds a MBA with a Leadership concentration from Liberty University and a B.S. in Human Services – Management from the University of Phoenix.

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